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08/May/2019  -  09/May/2019

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Student, Germany

I joined the trip, because for me the destinations Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and Lapland sounded like an exciting one-week trip. That is also a bit unusual for the normal student trips. Then the low price together with an international group of young people were cherries on the top! My favorite moment was for sure the Husky ride. Also, the party on the cruise and a visit Stockholm, what was the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen were amazing parts of the itinerary.


Young Professional, Egypt

I decided to join pm2am since the price was very attractive. I enjoyed the trip because of many reasons. The way of booking was easy, the timing was perfect and there were no delays. We had a professional tour guide, wh suggested us the places to see and the group age was within the same range, so I got to know awesome people from different countries.

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